Grown on Idaho's farms. Milled in Idaho's mountains.

Not just grindin' for that dough


Our Grains

We source local grains to minimize transportation costs, and maximize local value.  We only mill and sell whole grain products because we believe that is where greatness begins.


Our Process

Our flour is stone ground to minimize degradation of the nutritional value of the grains we source.  Our process is built around the National Organic Program's protocols and requirements to ensure you get the best product possible.  Our quality standards go beyond the basic requirements of regulatory bodies.  We do all this so your recipes are better than average.


Making the Difference

Our family owned and operated business is more than just profits and losses.  We care about our community, and we believe in paying things forward, while giving back.  Check our blog to see what we're up to, and see how you can join in the fun.

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Idaho Grain & Flour Mill

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